Friday, May 14, 2010

Things Dallas Should Do To Get LeBron

  • Name a Metroplex suburb "LeBron" (LeBron, Texas. I would move there.)
  • "LeMavs" night (LeBron loves alt jerseys)
  • Creth calls his beard "LeBeard"
  • Membership in the Wolfpack (Peace out, anybody. Including me.)
  • 10 games at Cowboys Stadium (neither Cubes nor Jerry would object)
  • In fact, free naming rights for LeBron Cowboys Stadium
  • Double in fact, roster spot on the Cowboys (we gave Jesse Holley one, how 'bout a 6'9" dude who can run?)
  • Rename Cesar Chavez Blvd "LeBron Kicks Ass Blvd"
  • I have a brand new basketball that's never been used. LeBron, it's yours.
  • "LeMammals!!!"

Feel free to add more. We'll need it...


Rosser said...

one more, Skin exclusively wears LeBron t-shirts under his blazer on Mavs broadcasts.

Creth said...

holy hilarious! GREAT POST! I don't know which point I liked better... LeBeard, LeMammals!!!, LeBlvd! crackin' me up!

but seriously, I don't know if I want him here. IJS

Rosser said...

Even a contrarian like you would do bearded backflips if we got LeBron.

Does Simmons have a point in his column today? Certainly. But having LeBron > not having LeBron.