Monday, January 25, 2010

gaze upon the glory

first things first- Paul Lukas over at Uni-Watch totally rocked my world, again, by revealing the Brad Childress has a hearing imparement!!!?! I. feel. like. a. horse's. pa. toot. (you'll see why later) also who knew that Brad Childress and Flozell Adams had/have ANYTHING in common? surprise, surprise, surprise... here are some random conference championship/Super Bowl thoughts I had (and tweeted)
-Mark Sanchez shaved his playoff stubble (off ) and wore an undershirt to his post game press conference. that makes him the second best dressed starting quarterback in Sunday's post game pressers. Sanchez is behind Peyton Manning who wore a suit and looked like he was serious (but it's just a game!) meanwhile Brett Farve looked like a old dead body that had been propped up behind a few microphones (he's second worst dressed) and Dree Brews wore that stupid Newsies hat that Tony Romo can't seem to get away from (can escape almost any rushing defender but can't get away from that damn hat) so Brews, step it up for the Super Bowl

-Gary Brackett does not look like a football player, he will be a very successful R&B producer when he stops faking football.

-Sunday = National French League football because, presumedly, the only two Pierre's in the league won their games (Pierre Garcon of Indy and Pierre Thomas of N.O.)

-every time Farve says that he's going to "talk" with his family his entire family rolls their eyes. they hate him more than I do

-did you know the NBA scheduled games during the NFL's conference championship games? idiots. so you missed the Mavs 50 point demolishing of the New York Knocks, otherwise known as the Knocks worst home loss (at the Garden) ever! but seriously, why is the Garden such a big deal? who cares!

-Pam Oliver tried to make Reggie Bush cry when she interviewed him after the game "are you going to be alright?" bitch, please!

-believe it or not both Matt Lineheart and Reggie Bush have made it to a Super Bowl, ridiculous. neither got their the way we might have thought they would (at least, the way we thought they would before they played Vince Young in the Rose Bowl. speaking of Young, he's going to the Pro Bowl for being the only quarterback in the AFC that didn't say "no, I don't wanna play in that joke of a game!")

-when it's all said and done the Saints will have played 3 straight games against 3 Hall of Fame quarterbacks, pretty remarkable (he remarked)

-Manning's heading back to the site of his first Super Bowl (let's pray for no rain this time) and Brews is finally going to the city he should have landed in as a free agent

-last time both #1 seeds made it to the Super Bowl? 1993, Dallas vs. Buffalo

-between Favre's interceptions and Peterson's fumbles you had to know they couldn't win the Super Bowl and you can't be surprised that they didn't even make it that far

-Childress actually wore a Motorola headset! probably bought it at a mall kiosk

-can Brett Farve finally retire to Valhalla?


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jason said...

please stop calling him "Matt Lineheart"... if there's anything he doesn't have, it's heart.

Rosser said...

Point, Guynes!

Creth said...

Leanhurt? or should I just call him 2010 Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback?