Thursday, December 3, 2009


yes, we haven't blogged in a while. why? because Twitter is the but seriously. what's been goin' on lately anyway? I'm not going to talk about Tiger nor that bastard sport he plays. I don't like NCAA football enough to share my thoughts on the undefeateds (or how I wish TCU would come out on top, is that even a possibility?) and I'm definitely not going to waste any breath on Jason Garrett's sucking, or Roy Williams' sucking, or how Miles "Dallas" Austin is a pretty good but not great receiver, um... I said I wasn't going to say anything about how Jason Garrett has the best group of RB's in the league and apparently has no idea how to use them.... A.I.? not gonna happen. fantasy football? eh, I'm doin' alright but could be better. pray for me. what about you? why haven't you been bloggin'?

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