Monday, December 7, 2009

child, please!

I know what you're going to think- "he be cruzy" and I might be just that, but I'm also a tried and true(d?) Cowboy fan, lover of all things Dallas and supporter of our less than rational white uniforms (as seen below) people don't like the color of the pants (which isn't silver) or the thin black stripe on the sleeve, or that the blue is royal and the only time royal blue is used in any Cowboy uni
then there's our (what's become Thanksgiving's) throwback uni-
our current practice uni's-
and those gosh awful blues... the navy blue/silver uniform that is U-G-L-Y (Ross)
anyway, Todd Archer at the Morning News got me thinkin' about a possible wardrobe change for our 'Boys in blue and I couldn't agree more (though I'd only change those hideous blues) and in the spirit of one of my favorite sports writers (Paul Lukas and his Uni Watch) here are some possible uni's I think the 'Boys should take a serious look at-
exhibit A-B

exhibit C-D

exhibit E-F

exhibit G

exhibit H-I

exhibit J

exhibit K

exhibit L

exhibit M


Rosser said...

Switch to blue at home!

Creth said...

I'm gonna force feed you teryaki, garlic, bbq, honey, buffalo wings if you don't shut up!?!!!

anyway, why do you have Cowboys tradition? Tex (Scam, Sham, Scram) Schram chose to wear our whites because they gave us (the home fans) a great look at the different colored uni's from around the leave, not just the away teams plain white uni's. a.k.a. Scharm hearts uni's so you'd better heart Scharm and his schoices! TRADITION! SCHR!

Rosser said...

I'm aware of The Shram plan. But I love the blues! Touch blue to make it true!

SITtheBlogger said...

Cowboys suck, they're over-rated and over-hyped for a team that hasn't won a playoff game since 1996. Truth is i hate everything cowboys and i hate to break it to you but you're gonna miss another trip to the playoffs. My Eagles will make sure of that! Go Eagles!!