Thursday, June 18, 2009


we're all a little too young to remember the 1986 All-Star game logo but the folks designing for the 2010 game are doin' their best to remind us of that game and a few other important Dallas icons

the below logo sorta remind of the above? thought the silver "DALL" and white "AS" was a cute way to highlight the fact that Dallas is hosting the All-Star game

the star logo has had many incarnations over the years, not exactly a Lone Star solute HELLO! Don Carter, this is all that's left of your beautiful hat. damn I miss that logo this logo seems to be an homage to the Lone Star State, the hosting Cowboys and Mavericks. I love this who wants to take me to the dunk contest and game?!?!??

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Paul S said...

Why are they cutting off El Paso in the logo? It's gonna be great. I want to go, even though I won't be able to see the game cause i'm so far away.