Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NBDL Action, It's Fantastic!

Creth just introduced me to the greatness of this sports logo site. I checked out the NBDL section and had some observations on team names:

Colorado 14ers: No doubt Chris Hansen is the PA guy for this uncomfortably named team.

Fort Wayne Mad Ants: This name is BAD ASS. Somebody obvi talked them out of using a "z" at the end, which is refreshing.

Iowa Energy: Kinda gay.

Los Angeles D-Fenders: Really gay.

Reno Bighorns: I like. Really rolls off the tongue.

Sioux Falls Sky Force: I'm pretty sure I watched Sky Force on Saturday mornings when I was a little kid.

Columbus Riverdragons: Why the F would a dragon only hang out around a river?

Fort Worth Flyers (2006-2007): Apparently our airport mates aren't big hoop fans.

Greenville Groove/Mobile Revlers: You guys couldn't even hold a logo-making contest?

Roanoke Dazzle: Even the WNBA thinks this name is gay.

UPDATE: Looks like Frisco is getting a team. Let's name it! Some ideas...

Chain Gang (retail stores, not inmates), Commuters (most on-edge, violent team in the league), Fight Club (First Rule of Frisco Fight Club under 12 get in free every game!!!)


Creth said...


and if I were renaming all of the teams this is how it'd go-

Fort Wayne Worthz
Iowa State Cyclonez
Los Angeles Ramz
Reno Nine-One-Onez
Sioux Falls Down
Columbus Riverdragonz
Greenville Pay-As-You-Go Planz
Roanoke Vanish!

Creth said...

Frisco Shaqz?

Rosser said...

RE: comment 1, all those z's piss me off. Mission accomplished. Except LA Ramz. Greatness.

...and totally redeem yourself!!!