Thursday, April 2, 2009

can these Mavs win 50?

7 games remaining.
5 of those 7 are against teams that are either fighting for playoff positioning or fighting just to make the playoffs.
5 of those 7 are at home.
okay. I was wrong about Diop & Terry. not ready to admit I was wrong about Josh. otherwise I think my predictions were pretty damn good if you ask me (but who's asking?)
so where do we all stand? they will? they won't?


Paul S said...
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Paul S said...

All I need is 2 more wins for over 46.5...They wont get 50, I think they'll get 3 of 7 and get 48. They might win vs. HOU if the rockets don't have anything to play for, but the mavs will probably be locked in the 8th spot and have nothing to play for either.

jason said...

ah c'mon paulie... these mavs can do better than 3 of 7. at Grizz and home vs. T-Wolves would be two of 'em, I'm thinking they can pick up one of the NO games and beat the suns at home. The Jazz are terrible on the road and the Mavs have a fighting chance there as well.

This all assumes Josh will get more minutes as we go thru the schedule. Otherwise all bets are off.

Rosser said...

I'm thinking 50 if the Mavs can play at just about their best

W's @ Grizz, v. PHX and v. T-wolves

Probably W v. Jazz

Probably lose both to NO

Probably W v. Houston, especially if they're locked in to their spot already.

Rosser said...