Wednesday, October 15, 2008

it's October, why aren't we talking football?

and why the Mavs won't win 50 games.
a) we're not talking football because the list of injured Dallas Cowboys is longer than T.J. Houshmandzadeh's ponytail
b) Barea, Dampier, Gadson, George, Green, Howard, Kidd, McLeod, Rhodes, Singleton, Smith, Stackhouse, Terry & Terry, Williams, Wright. these are just a few of the reasons why the Mavericks will not win 50 games this 2008-2009 season.

first I'm going to go ahead and write off the guys that will never see the court, these are the most expensive paperweights you'll ever find-
Gadson, McLeod, Rhodes, Singleton, Smith, & Terry. Reyshawn Terry.

now let's talk about the guys that won't see any meaningful playing time on the court. these are the guys that check in during blow out wins or losses, when the team suffers a catastrophic injury, or in the case that we just happen to suck-
Barea, George, Green & Williams.
J.J. Barea is a gimic, in the mold of Spud Webb, Mugsy Bogues & Speedy Claxton. side note: if I were hilariously short, but not a midget, then I would never allow anyone to give me a nickname.
Devean George pulled one over on the Mavericks this off season to the tune of $4 million for a cozy spot on the injured list.
Gerald Green should be contending for an NCAA championship this spring, instead he's an "athletically talented" benchwarmer.
Shawne Williams couldn't have asked for a better teammate in Josh Howard, those guys will be rollin' for years to come....

the players. the rotation. the guys that we're paying to much to leave on the bench-
Damp, Howard, Kidd, Stack, Terry (Jason) & Wright.
Erick Dampier makes Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator look like an emotional basketcase. guys like this don't win games.
Josh Howard.
Jason Kidd, Jerry Stackhouse & Jason Terry should retire. together. to Florida. Del Boca Vista
Antoine Wright is an Aggie, despite how the Ags have faired in recent years- they don't win basketball games.
who does win games? Brandon Bass, DeSagana Diop & Dirk Nowitzki. since Dirk has been a Maverick the team has averaged 51 wins a season. that includes teams with Shawn Bradley at center, Antoine & Antawn, and Erick Dampier. okay, so maybe the Mavs will win 50 games after all

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jason said...

i'm sure all the bad things you have to say about our youngin's, the Hornets said the same thing about Julian...