Friday, April 3, 2009

The Stape

Staples Center has a ring to it to sports fans like like lil kids remember their first fireworks show. And I don't know why. Like it's Madison Square Garden, Boston Garden, Staples Center. IT'S NAMED AFTER AN OFFICE SUPPLY STORE!!! I think I just channeled my inner Creth. !!!!!!!!!!!!! If the Mavs played in Office Depot Center, we'd feel very NBDLy. Although...the ODC would be pretty cool. Anywho, I've seen a game there (Mavs won by 35 -- hoody hoo); and I must admit there still is the mystique. The ghosts of Jerry West and the Showtime Lakers loom. But it's Staples! It's weird. Jazz lost tonight too, so maybe we can make it up to 7.