Saturday, March 28, 2009


I'm taking the UK firing of Billy Clyde surprisingly...strange. I was pissed at Gillispie when he left A&M. I was pissed when he wore a Kentucky blue tie in the Tourney and I was pissed when he agreed to a new contract but didn't sign it so he could network at the Final Four like a stripper at NBA All-Star Weekend. Yes, leaving A&M hoops to go to Kentucky is a no-brainer on paper, but I knew it was a bad move. I didn't realize all the details -- how the dumb ass UK fans think they deserve a Pete Carroll figure -- but I really didn't think it would work. He's a great coach but he really makes his money recruiting in Texas. He's built for big fish in small pond. Gillispie Court. Statue in front of Reed Arena. Lofty? Yeah. But it was possible.

And this is the part where I rip Kentucky a new hole. The world has evolved. Shorts are long now. Basketball hot beds are in California, Texas, Florida, the Northeast and various prep schools in big cities like Chicago. None of those kids give an S about some school where a racist won a bunch of titles decades ago. They wanna play their couple of years somewhere nice. Not the in deep south. Blue Chippers will go to, in no particular order, UNC ('cause of MJ), Memphis ('cause Calipari is dirty), UConn (see Calipari), UCLA, USC, Florida, Kansas, texas, A&M (I can dream, it's my post)...and the bad asses in the Northeast will stay in the Northeast. F Kentucky. Just because you have a derby doesn't mean you can keep having a high horse. I hope you continue to suck.

Recruits, if you're thinking about going to UK, here's a tip. Go to Louisville. They have birds with teeth.


Creth said...

best MAMMALS post of 2009.

"birds with teeth"



all made me laugh

I really hope that Kentucky has the same rude awakening that South Bend's been fightin'

Paul S said...

Calipari is a great hire, they'll be back quickly. And they'll be damn good.

Rosser said...

I'm afraid Paul S is right...