Wednesday, October 13, 2010


if you don't understand why this is a big deal then read this
there's no denying that this is a football town, heck the metroplex and much of this state/region find their sports identity with the Dallas Cowboys. I can't help but believe that this is partly due to the fact that the Cowboys are winners (I know, they haven't won in a while....) meanwhile the professional teams that came to Dallas after the 'Boys have all been sometimes lovable always losers. the Rangers have been the kings of loserdom as the Stars (the latest pro squad to call Dallas home) won a championship just a few short years after settling into the metroplex. the Mavs haven't won a championship but they've had great regular season success and they have gone deep into the playoffs. winning covers losing. the Cowboys have won 5 Super Bowls although they haven't won since the mid-90s they're still "winners" in most of our minds, same goes for the Stars although they haven't been a contender in over a decade that single championship means everything. the Mavs, never champions, have won just enough to be in our good graces. the Rangers hadn't won a thing, until last night. the Rangers had always been there for us when we needed to go to a pro game but didn't want to spend a lotta money. they were there when the first sport we played was baseball and they were there when we needed a ball cap (I love my Cowboys hat but baseball is the only sport that has an article of clothing, a piece of their game day uniform, that can be worn by a regular Joe and Joe not be considered white trash. am I right?) the Rangers are finally "there" in mid-October and it feels wonderful, like a Canada Dry shower
Hambone doesn't do alcohol showers so his teammates shook up plastic bottles of ginger ale and showered the lockerroom with sweet, sweet airplane refreshing goodness. as someone tweeted last night "now that's a team"

the journey isn't over yet but let's acknowledge all of the teams in Rangers past (by way of logo) starting with the AL West champion, antler and claw throwin', 2010 Texas Rangers. ALCS HERE WE COME!

it's time.

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