Friday, January 8, 2010

NFL mascot mania

an interesting thing happened on the way to the forum (what the f?) but seriously, mascots fall under three categories- animals, nicknames and miscellaneous

1. Ravens
2. Bills (buffalo, which are actually bison but whatev)
3. Bengals (tiger)
4. Broncos (horse)
5. Colts (horse)
6. Jaguars
7. Dolphins
8. Cardinals (bird, not the Stanford tree)
9. Falcons
10. Panthers
11. Bears
12. Lions
13. Eagles
14. Rams
15. Seahawks
that's 5 birds, 2 horned animals, 1 bear, 2 cats, 2 horses and a mammal that's a fish.

1. Browns (named after Paul Brown, former owner or something stupid like that)
2. Texans
3. Chiefs (p.c. or not p.c.?)
4. Patriots (too p.c.?)
5. Raiders
6. Steelers
7. Titans (is a titan like a giant?)
8. Cowboys
9. Vikings
10. Saints (like, I guess this is supposed to be catholic or something?)
11. Giants (if a titan is a giant does that mean a giant is a titan? no.)
12. 49ers
13. Buccaneers
14. Redskins (not p.c. but we're okay with this)
so that's 5 Americans, 2 native Americans, 2 pirates, 1 Nordic person, 2 mythological things, and one dead catholic

1. Jets (like an airplane)
2. Chargers
3. Packers
now obviously I know what a jet is but what the hell is a charger or a packer?? these are two mascots I cannot get behind. Mr. Goodell, could you please do something about this?

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Rosser said...

Chiefs should be PC because a chief is an honorable figure. Redskins is so ridicly But yeah, it's ok. If the Cowboys had to play the Washington Red Storm, people would die.

The Chargers were named by a dude who owned a credit card company. It's true. And it should inspire Cuban to buy the Frisco D-League team from Donnie and name it the "TV Watchers", or the catchier "HDNetters".