Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Return of NBA Jam, Part II

Great post, Guynes! If you haven't seen it, here's The Return of NBA Jam, Part I. Although we all know that the West side is the best side, I'm going to knock out the East. Here are my choices for these teams' lineups for the new NBA Jam...


Boston: Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce
A number of good combos here...Rondo/KG, Pierce/KG, Allen/Pierce, Allen/KG. Plus, the Tourney Edish could include 'Sheed and Big Baby. Celts have a strong NBA Jam roster.

Toronto: Chris Bosh and Hedo Turkoglu
Would it be fun to break a press with this team? No. But Hedo and Bargnani are both better than Jose Calderon, so it seemed silly to put him on the team.

New York: David Lee and Nate Robinson
I know Nate Robinson comes off the bench...if he even plays. But Kryptonate belongs.

Philadelphia: Andre Iguodala and Elton Brand
This is the NBA Jam equivalent of "Hi...I'm in Delaware."

New Jersey: Devin Harris and Brook Lopez
Speed and quicks are big assets, precision passing...not as much. Devin Duck, meet water!


Cleveland: LeBron James and Mo Williams
I can't fathom how good NBA Jam LeBron will be. He won't need 40 year old Shaq's help guarding bigs, so we're going with Mo.

Milwaukee: Brandon Jennings and Andrew Bogut
This was easy and Yung Buck's flat top is a must-include.

Chicago: Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah
Luol Deng is better statistically, but Noah's hair makes him more video game friendly.

Detroit: Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva
Yes, Rip Hamilton better represents the Pistons, but Ben Gordon catches fire in real life and I wanna see if CV can tweet at halftime (Is it in the game, EA?!?)

Indiana: Danny Granger and Roy Hibbert
Uh-oh, competition for my earlier Delaware comment. I'm guessing the Pacers aren't gonna get a lot of burn in this game.


Orlando: Dwight Howard and Vince Carter
Sorry, Jameer. It was close though.

Atlanta: Joe Johnson and Josh Smith
Quietly, a sick team.

Miami: Dwyane Wade and Michael Beasley
Never playing as this stupid team...

Charlotte: Gerald Wallace and Tyson Chandler
Somebody just threw their hat in the Delaware ring! NBA Jam Achievement: Play 5 games with Charlotte.

Washington: Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler
Butler and Jamison might be a better team, but Agent Zero opens the door for gambling or first person shooter side games. Hibachi!!!


Paul S said...

KG would have to be on the C's. NBA Jam is all about starpower. KG/ Pierce

Rosser said...

I struggled with the Celts. Wanted to go Rondo and KG, but then Pierce is left out. I didn't wanna go two bigs when Rondo was available. Plus, he's awesome. He could fill up the NBA Jam box score...

Rosser said...

Plus, it'll create more buzz for the Tourney Edish!

Creth said...

Pierce might be considered a "big" but I'd never call him that, I think you gotta go Pierce/KG cuz those guys meant more to the current team than anyone else and you also know that Boston is always trying to find a way to get rid of Rondo

Rosser said...

It'd be more fun in NBA Jam to play Rondo + Pierce or Rondo + KG.

Creth said...

okay, how about Rondo/KG with Pierce in a wheelchair on the sideline?

Rosser said...

Why? Did he get stabbed again? I'm fine with Rondo/KG. That's what I wanted in the first place, but the Pierce pick was a tip of the cap to the long-time Celt.

Creth said...

he didn't get stabbed again but didn't he swoon during the playoffs a couple of years ago (a la Dywane? Wade) and have to be carted off the court in a wheelchair only to return to finish the game?

there should just be a special Celtics section where Pierce gets to play with Antoine Walker to try to get 'toine out of bankruptcy

so there also has to be a Lakers section where Kobe plays with the pressure of rape chargers while Magic Johnson plays to lose his HIV


Rosser said...

Umm, triple deal! I'm loving these ideas. Gaming systems are much more powerful than back in the day. We have the technology to make all of this happen.