Friday, January 8, 2010

The Return of NBA Jam, Part III

yello, it's time for the best in the West a.k.a. the Pacific division. as Guynes pointed out to me last night- the original NBA Jam was missing a huge (if not the hugest) star, Michael Jordan, cuz he c-blocked the use of his image. keep this in mind...

Sacramento- OMRI CASSPI (because NBA Jam needs a Jew) and Kevin Martin (I know, you can't believe I'd put Casspi over Tyreke Evans well complain about it in the comments! I can imagine we won't have anyone complaining about the absence of Desmond Mason or Sean May...)
Pheenix- Steven Nash and Amare Stoudemire (honorable mention goes to Jason Richardson and Grant Hill)
Los Angeles (Lakers)- Pau Gasol and Sasha Vujacic (Kobe CB'ed what otherwise could have been the best team in NBA Jam history OH WAIT, PAU IS A JOKE. SOMEBODY GIVE THAT MAN AN "L". also I would love to see a Luke Walton/Jordan Farmar team, even an ex-Mavs Josh Powell/D.J. Mbenga squad or lastly the Ron Artest/Lamar Odom carnival. sorry Adam Morrison, couldn't find anyone for you to play with STORY OF HIS LIFE)
Los Angeles (Clippers)- too easy, Baron "The Beard" Davis and Chris "uglier than Rik Smits' scrotum" Kaman
Golden State- for a team devoid of a superstar/franchise player (isn't Devean George a franchise player?) I'm gonna go with Monta "don't call me Monte" Ellis and Andris "my tan, my hair, my beauty" Biedrins

I tire. nap time

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Rosser said...

Kings: Tyreke and the Ball Jew

Clip Joint: Baron and Blake Griffin, I don't care if he hasn't played yet.

Dubs: Monta and Stephen Curry. NellieBall lives!