Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shawn Marion leaving sexy-time pool for Dallas

T.O. and Nash wish him well, Leinhart hits on underage girl speaking of Shawn Marion-
will he accept his role on this team?
will he start or come off the bench?
where does he get those amazing gadgets?
I'm pretty sure he's white.
we could have the whitest starting line-up East of Utah.


Rosser said...

I'm thinking he'll start alongside Josh and they both play a 2/3 mashup role. Will that work? Who knows. I was excited about this trade because he's good on D and figured he could get some nice fastbreak points with J-Kidd, but now I'm kinda scared. 18% 3 pt shooting and reports of a player on decline will do that.

At the very least, he won't be there to guard Dirk anymore.

Paul S said...

Marion is not black, you need to subscribe to the one drop rule, this is the south: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One-drop_rule

How can Marion be white if Obama is black?
..Why do I feel racist right now?

Creth said...

hahahahahahahahaha, "one-drop" made me laugh but it probably is what most people subscribe to

I don't

and talking about race doesn't make you a racist

(p.s. Obama's not black, he's mulatto!)

Rosser said...


Creth said...