Monday, July 6, 2009

Ultimate Fighter, you look just like... (undercard)

UFC 100 is coming up this Saturday. It's the biggest fightcard they've ever had, so you know what that means.....lookalikes time!!! Here are some random ones from the UFC. A lil undercard, if you will. The main event boys will be featured later this week. Just trying to create a lil buzz for what should be an absolutely kick-ass night of fights...

The Extremely Tough Minotauro Nogueira & Magua

Big Scary Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou & Ricky Williams

The New Jersey D-Bag Matt Serra & Derek Zoolander

So Dominant that he's Bored Anderson Silva & DeMarcus Ware

TUF Contestant (barely) Joe Scarola & Ben Affleck

Coming Soon:

Brock Lesnar (don't know who he looks like yet), Frank Mir (or him), GSP, Thiago Alves (him too), Dan Henderson, Michael Bisping


Creth said...

the black guy looks like Edge James!

and I didn't know Ware wrestled on the side! holy moly that guy looks exactly like him!

Rosser said...

Hahahaha...dang. I think he does look more like Edge James...