Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Matrix Reunion ...Tower

Random Shawn Marion Quick Hits
  • We are a better team now
  • J-Kidd will love him on the fast break
  • 5 years is a loooooooooong time
  • Yay Devean George is gone :)
  • Hope he's still a great defender
  • Antoine Wright is gone...indifference
  • I keep saying "Shawne Merriman" and it's annoying
  • 3 point shot is as ugly as J-Kidd's
  • ...but at least J-Kidd's go in
  • I can't wait til I'm in my 30's and I get to play for the Dallas Mavericks
  • Let's do something with Damp! (and Josh if it's good)


Paul S said...

I like the move too. Bye Devean, you suck. About Damp, have you read Dallas Basketball's article about Damp's contract: ( It gave me a little tired head but I think I understand it. It's more valuable next summer. Since the last year of his contract is a team option, next summer the Mavs can basically sign and trade for a max contract player and the team trading can get a complete salary dump by releasing Damp. With all the FA's out there and not a lot of cap room with the Salary Car lowering next year, It's more valuable next year. I dont think they will trade him this year.

Creth said...

I'm so glad Paul understands this stuff and explains it cuz I get lost after the third sentence...

Rosser said...

I'm in for waiting until the summer to use the Damp contract. Sounds like a major chip...

D-Wade? (Probs not)
Joe Johnson? (More likely)

Paul S said...

Joe Johnson would be great. Reunite the 2004 Suns wings! They should have won the title that year.

Rosser said... with Kidd we might be able to get a mention during a Where Are They Now portion of the History of the Suns DVD...