Monday, June 22, 2009

Tell Yo Body this is MAN COURT.

What former Mav could we get to do the 4th and Long basketball equivalent? And what would it be called? Winner gets a 1 year contract with the Frisco Shaqz. Rodman? I get really nervous every time he speaks because he's so bad at talking, but he'd fit right in on Spike.

On second thought, D-Harp has tons of tv experience. I vote him or my favorite non-Dirk Mav of all-time, the Big Smooth...


Creth said...


but seriously, why not Avery (how ridiculous would that be??) with guest appearances by Nick Van Exel, Darrell Armstrong and Roy Tarpley?!???


and I think you know where this is headed or needs to go-

Rangers 4th and Long

Stars 4th and Long

(no need to waste time on Sidekicks because it'd be all Tatu only Tatu)

Rosser said...

Actually, Avery would be perfect for the show. I want appearances by Cedric Ceballos and Tony Dumas.

Stars 4th and Long host ideas: Bill Guerin or Brett Hull with appearances by Modano and Zubov. Modano won't wanna be involved enough to host. Zubov's Enlish probably couldn't carry the show the whole season.

I can't wait for MAN ICE.

Creth said...

yes! of course Ced! how could we leave him out... I love that guy

what're the chances Darren Hatcher comes back to teach the hockey pups a few things about rough housing?