Monday, June 22, 2009

I think we all knew who'd be the host of the Texas Rangers Spike TV reality program 4th and Wrong

can you imagine?
Canseco to a baseball hopeful, "you're never going to make the big leagues like that, talent is something you have to inject... in your arm or butt" I'll go ahead and admit that he was my favorite baseball player before he let a ball careen off his head and tried to pitch


Rosser said...

There is absolutely no doubt that Jose Canseco would be the best host.

Instead of the Cotton Bowl, the guys could just live in Balco.

Creth said...

special appearances by....

Barry Bonds!

Jason Giambi!

Roger Clemens!

Alex Rodriguez!

Andy Pettite!

Mark Prior!

Rafeal Palmero!

Manny Ramirez!

(if I incorrectly spelled someone's name it was on purpose.)

Rosser said...

During sweeps we'll bring in Ken Caminiti and prop him up like Weekend at Bernie's

Creth said...

hahahahahahahahahahaha.... eeeeeee, I think I'm gonna be sick

Creth said...

um I forgot to mention Sammy Sosa and I purposefully left Mark Maguire off the list because I'm not hear to talk about the past