Monday, June 22, 2009

the team this city forgot

but I haven't forgotten! though I never played soccer and actually hate their communist origins I do claim the Dallas Sidekicks as the first professional sporting event I saw live. sang the National Anthem with the church choir, got to meet Tatu and the rest of the 'kicks. for an eight year old boy it was... somethin'
anyway I'm sad to remember in memorium the Sidekicks that fought so well in the Major Indoor Soccer League for 20 years (most in Reunion Arena)
did you know that we hosted the MISL All-Star game in 1989??? neither did I.


Tim is Duncan on you said...

Well we have something in common Creth. Believe it or not The Dallas Sidekicks was the first professional sporting event I ever saw also. They played an exhibition game in Jackson, Mississippi where I lived.

Creth said...


are you serious????