Wednesday, October 21, 2009

thirty 4 thirty

last night's episode tackled the short lived USFLeague. pretty interesting stuff considering we've recently had more info about the "other" leagues than ever before, what with the Showtime AFL series Full Color Football, and the start up of the UFL a couple weeks ago. I'm waiting for someone to explain the CFL to me, cuz that's one that I just don't get and yet it seems to have been around for a while. anyway, I liked the USFL 30 for 30 although it was more about what went wrong and I would have liked to have heard about all of the players that moved to the NFL and were very successful/all of the rule changes that the NFL copied. Saab, ha


Rosser said...

Simmons looked pretty frail. I wonder if he ate while writing TBOB.

Creth said...

hahahahaha, he looked like he escaped from someone's basement! hahahahahahaha

and "TBOB" cracks me up

Rosser said...

Can't wait to read TBOB