Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gens Fan For A Game, Maybe

That's right GFFAG, looks like Dallas has a new roundball team!!! Richie Whitt has the details. We should probably take a field trip out there at some point. In numbers...they play in Fair Park. One cool thing is this guy is on the team...

UPDATE: Ok, I posted hastily. Check out the teams of the ABA. Half the teams don't even have names. I'll just focus on the Generals division:

  • Houston Takers (Showtime Takers! The Take Show!)
  • North Texas Fresh (I feel like I've already made fun of this name, either on this blog or in another life...)
  • Southeast Texas Mustangs (Looking at their logo and URL, they go by the Mavericks. Is that some low-rent end around the pro ball naming rights? Or just a really half-ass effort on the ABA site?)
  • Texas Fuel (in SA, pretty shocking they didn't go El something)
  • West Texas Whirlwinds (wanted to know more but their site is down)

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