Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dirk a choke artist?

listening to Newy & Salisbury on 105.3 The Fan I heard a lot of fans complaining that Dirk is terrible in the playoffs, a choke artist and saying that we'd never win with him. I get defensive.
I've heard enough about Kobe & Lebron.
Lebron's won as many championships as Dirk has. zero. Kobe was on a three time championship team. kinda like how Ben R. has been on two Super Bowl winning teams (not going to go down that rabbit trail) but to claim that Dirk isn't clutch demands we say who is, the easiest way to determine this is to say that only the winning team has a clutch player, if you don't win then you aren't clutch.

over the past ten years we've had five winning teams.
who's been clutch on the Spurs? Tim Duncan.
who was clutch on the Lakers? Shaq.
Detroit? the team (you'll notice with that line up they won only one championship and separately have won no more)
Miami? the officials. I mean, Wade.
Boston? Paul Pierce.

Tim Duncan

that's it. those are the only guys playing in the NBA today that can claim to be "clutch" or better than Dirk. anybody that says otherwise needs to get their head checked and YES, obviously no one would take current Tim Duncan, Shaq or Pierce over Dirk. Dirk's playoff average of 25 and 10 puts him in an elite group of playoff competitors. Dirk is a good post season player, not a champ (obvi)


Paul S said...

Kobe was the closer on those Lakers teams, I even remember Shaq being taken out at the end of games b/c his FT% was so bad

Rosser said...

Don't listen to Newy and Salisbury. Problem solved.

Creth said...

I love Newy and Salisbury!!!

Kobe... I don't know about that, why didn't he win a single MVP?

Creth said...

I guess you could have given those Finals MVPs to the Eastern Conference for being so bad