Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ray "The Knife"

all I'm sayin' is that Ray has received so much forgiveness it'd make Ghandi mad. meanwhile if the Cowboys were to sign him, it'd be considered by many a move that would "clean up" the locker room. this is funny. really funny. I respect Ray as a person and as a player, I want him on our team but I have to laugh at the way he's been treated and the way our team and certain teammates/former teammates have been treated by the media. I don't recall the media givin' Ray half the grief they've given law breakers Tank & Pacman, as well as non-law breaker T.O.
I'm just sayin', be aware of the humor in this situation and laugh. a big belly laugh

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Paul S said...

The problem with Pacman, Tank, & T.O. isn't that they have had trouble with the law, it's that they are not about the team, they're selfish.