Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cowboys Problems Part II / Ray-Ray

We need a new LB

We also need a new Coach, This article is damning

Going to the Baltimore Sun site brought me great memories of 'The Wire'


Creth said...

I'm all about bringin' in Ray "The Knife" Lewis, I honestly think he'd be a great leader/teacher but... as the NFL likes to play ignorant, wouldn't he fall in the "worse than" Pacman and Tank category? I mean, those guys never killed a man with their own two hands. allz I'm sayin' is that we've got some great triple standards out there, but bring on Ray

Paul S said...

The problem with Pacman & Tank isn't that they have had trouble with the law, it's that they are not about the team, they're selfish.

Rosser said...

I hope we sign Ray Ray and I hope he brings his knife with him and symbolically places it on top of his locker. I hope the size of said knife dwarfs Crocodile Dundee's. Then maybe those jokers would start getting to crap on time.

One more problem that Pacman and Tank shared: they both suck at football now.