Tuesday, January 20, 2009


if they were played today. luckily they aren't. bleh

okay, okay, Ray is a good locker room guy and Tank/Pacman/T.O. are not, he still killed a man! does that mean nothing??

anybody wonder where Sean Salisbury's gone? read his wiki, guess he's still a little upset with his "career back-up" status.


Paul S said...

Ray didn't kill someone, He encouraged his homies to kill 2 people. Then he plea bargained, paid off witnesses, and testified against his boys in court. Big difference.

Paul S said...

Not to be a downer, but I dont see the Mavs passing anyone from the top 8 in the west.

Creth said...

I think I agree with you, we're pretty bad. enough so that we'll need a miracle to make the playoffs. this sucks.

ohhhhhh, that's all Ray did? that's not so bad. not like Ray Carruth

Rosser said...

Mavs missing the playoffs would be great for this team. We actually have our draft pick this year. Yay :)