Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cowboys Problems

The problems with the Cowboys ultimately reside with two things: Leadership and Chemistry.
T.O. is a problem b/c there is not strong leadership within the team and his antics create problems in the locker room. I'm a Romo backer, but I don't think he is a leader in the mold of Elway, Montana, Farve. That said, there is no way the Cowboys can upgrade the position, they can't get rid of him, he's a top 10 QB in the league and he's a QB who can win a Super Bowl.
I think Tony's problems at the end of the season were due to injuries (I think his back was in bad shape, it's why we were in shotgun a lot the last few games) and I think he let T.O. suck the joy out of him. That is why T.O. needs to go. The Boys need to build a team, not assemble individual talent. I know the Cowboys on the 90's had some individuals (Prime Time) but they had very strong leadership, the Cowboys don't have that now.
With Barber, Felix, and Choice along with our huge O Line, the Cowboys can be a run first team on offense and hopefully play strong defense. By doing this, they can limit Tony's turnovers but still allow him to do his thing on 3rd down.
I would like coaching staff changes too, but that is not gonna happen.

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