Friday, October 24, 2008

So much talent, so little yummy goodness

I guess it's only natural that my first post on here would be something negative about the Cowboys. At least ya'll are all 7 hours away (4 weeks for Creth to run it).
What the F is up with the Dallas Cowboys? They are by far the most talented team in the league......again. I have my own view, which unlike most of you is not through Jonas colored glasses.
I think that even without Romeo at QB, there is no excuse for the failure this year. So let's start from the top. Jerry Jonas (best owner in the league) has had a part in the departure of every single coach in Cowboys history. However, he has never fired a coach in the middle of a season. Could this be the time?
Wade Phillips has never done anything anywhere. And he's obese (Obesity is a crime that is hurting our kids, and our kid's kids, and even our kid's kid's kids.) He has a history of stepping in to jobs, inheriting great QB talent (Elway), and not winning a single post-season game.....ever. So what does Jones do, and when? Well we all know that he has the future coach on the payroll right now. Could this be the first mid-season fire for Jones? Is Jason Garrett the real deal?
The problem with the Cowboys current team, is that it is a group of extremely talented players that are all aspiring to be a part of a "team". However, the "team" that they all want to be on is the Pro-Bowl team. So with all of this awesome talent, and so little production as a whole, I think that this team is just needing a manager. (BTW, no offense, but i just noticed that the word "manager" looks a lot like "Ma Niger". And that is NOT a slight towards anyone. The last thing the Cowboys need is another thug though. Just saying). Anyway, If Garrett is someone who is capable of managing this group, then I see a new dynasty. If not, well, then it might be 12 more years until you see a playoff win.
*I honestly searched and tried to find a picture of Wade Phillips that didn't make him look like a total fatty, but this one is the best that I could find. Face

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