Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gambling Update / World Series

LSU -2.5 (-105)
11.28 to win 10.74
LSU came through 24-17

Oklahoma -19.5 (-105)
11.27 to win 10.73
Stoops let off the gas, late KU TD, KU got the backdoor cover 45-31

Season: 1-1 (50%, -0.53)


I know no one here likes baseball, and i'm usually with you after june b/c the rangers are out of it. But I always love playoff baseball. The tension is great, and I love seeing baseball in cold weather.

Unfortunately, only one cold weather team made the world series, and the other team plays in a Minor League Dome (bullpens in the outfield, come on). I did watch the game last night, the Phillies won. Ever though I hate their stadium and tradition, I still think TB wins the series. Hamels is a better #1 starter for the Phils, but the rest of the TB staff is better, starting tonight.

Game 2 World Series
Tampa Bay Rays -168
11.01 to win 6.55

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