Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dallas Drivers: If They Don't Kill You, Nothing Will

I spend 4 days a week driving up and down Central Expressway from Dallas to Plano and back. And on the days when I find myself stuck in traffic, I play a fun little game called "Let's Count How Many People Are Inappropriately Using the HOV Lane".

I usually end up with at least a one-to-three ratio of people who are driving all by themselves and are cruising at a good 75 mph blowing past the rest of us who "play by the rules".

Has anyone else noticed this? If not - and assuming my findings are correct - does anyone else think that this is one of the ballsiest things a driver can do? I kind of thought we all respected the rules of the HOV even though we all know if you just jumped on it by yourself there would probably be no consequence.

I wanted to get a picture of at least one person driving solo down the HOV but it's nearly impossible to get a good camera angle holding an iphone backwards and furthermore I'd probably drop it on the highway.

Dallas PD, if you're reading this, just camp out at the HOV exit on 75 and 635 and start writing tickets. It's like shooting fish in a barrel.


Creth said...

where's the sports content?? this isn't the Ticket!

Paul S said...

stop hating on Jason