Monday, January 11, 2010

"Los Mavs" Indeed...

I don't know when "Los Mavs" night is this year, but if they were smart, they'd give JJ Barea and newcomer-for-the-second-time Eddie Najera the start.

What better way to tip the cap to the Hispanic population? You know, other than some empty gesture of just adding a Spanish article before the team name on our jerseys that's really more of a marketing ploy to sell more Mavericks gear to Latinos.

Though I will admit that I am skeptical that we even owe anything to the Hispanic population in the first place. I think the Mavericks should have a German culture appreciation night... technically speaking, don't we owe those guys more of our gratitude than we do Hispanics?

Besides, I wouldn't be caught dead in a Los Mavs jersey, but you better believe I'd be first in line for our alternate "DIE ALLEINGÄNGER" jerseys. (Thanks,!)

Ross - get to photoshoppin'!


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Rosser said...

I want one too.

Let's sell some Roddy B jerseys!

Les Non-conformistes

Or honor the Asian Mavs Dancer!

댈러스 매버릭스는 (this would be cooler if the comments section supported Korean characters)