Tuesday, September 15, 2009

fantasy in review: week 1

we do play to win the game and with the help of these four guys I won all three of my games this past weekend! props to Cris Cahill for giving me my biggest scare, guess Philip Rivers isn't going to be the leading statistical QB this season!
Greg Jennings had a wonderful week, earned his draft and starting position. can't wait to see what he and Aaron Rodgers do this season!
T.C. got more playing time than I imagined but not enough to get his butt off my bench, keep givin' it your all and nothin'!

Miles Austin, my late round diamond in the rough, might start on one of my teams. DEEP THREAT!

Thomas Jones. what can I say? he's starting, he's gonna start on two of my teams and my third team wishes they had him! keep being better than your brother, Thomas!

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