Wednesday, July 1, 2009

pictorial essay of pros and cons to signing Jason Kidd, as well as an exploration of his whiteness

CON (definitely white, biking in a gay biker's outfit on a stationary bike in someone's basement)

CON (stupid white face)

PRO (other NBAers seem to like him)

PRO (evidence that we're not completely terrible at drafting)

CON (is just a dorky white guy)

CON (really??)

PRO (like I said, the Pros love him)

CON (not all great white NBAers love him)

I like Tom Hanks (but not his hair)

PRO (USA basketball teammates seem to really like him, might be swayed to play where he plays after the summer of 2010)


PRO (All-Star that knows how to dish the rock)

PRO (Doublemint gum)

PRO (I like the Jay-Z)

CON (communist soccer- very white)

so I'm not quite sure what our conclusion is. I guess I'm on the fence, what do y'all think?


Rosser said...

Fingers crossed we re-sign our 37 year old PG to a 3-year deal! What?!? I'm pro, because it's JKidd. More importantly, I have zero confidence in the Mavs swinging a deal for a better PG. I also think there's a very slim chance it could help lure somebody in 2010.

So, Jason: sign here, play hard, mentor Roddy B and don't die.

Rosser said...

Oh yeah, and those pics are awesome.

Paul S said...

We need to re-sign him badly