Monday, June 29, 2009

"trust me, I'm a doctor"

the 2009 NBA Finals got me thinkin'-
what the hell kinda doctor is Jerry Buss?

the Lakers are like the Bermuda Triangle, stuff disappears there.
remember when Magic Johnson was a great point guard?then he got HIV, and I know what HIV does to a man-
but magically Johnson has gotten healthier the older he gets (I know, some people might even say he's a little over weight but doesn't that prove my point that his HIV has disappeared? why isn't the government dissecting this man??) and then there's the curious case of Kobe "beef" Bryant- the rapist

talk about "to catch a predator" they caught this guy, then let him go after he bought his wife a huge ring and got a terrible tattoo. now he's being given gold plated awards and sticking his tongue out because "I GOT AWAY! and they're giving me the key to the city!" somewhere, sometime he and O.J. are going to share a bottle of Scotch and smoke a few cigars together like Denny Crane and Alan Shore
concluding thought- did Kobe have to walk around his neighborhood, going door-to-door, informing his neighbors that he's a sexual predator??? I'm serious? what kind of doctor makes it all go away?

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