Tuesday, May 12, 2009

when the season's over, what will you want?

players gonna move this summer, so who will it be? here's a complete list of all restricted (RFA) and unrestricted free agents (UFA) for the summer of 2009 and the summer of 2010. for our purposes I'm only looking at 2009 cuz I've heard that's when the Mavs can make hay and it's only fun to look into the not-so-distant future, not the distant future

anyway, here are the UFA's that I want on the Mavs-
Ron Artest
Carlos Boozer (only if he's a steal)
Ben Gordon
Lamar Odom (if healthy)

Jarrett Jack
David Lee
Paul Millsap

obviously the Mavs have a lot of UFA's that could leave the team but have you seen the list of former Mavs that are UFA's on other teams?
Maurice Ager
Calvin Booth
Marquis Daniels
Michael Finley
Juwan Howard
Anthony Johnson
Raef LaFrentz
Tyronn Lue
and I'd only resign.... none of them

but who do you want??


Rosser said...

I've wanted Ron-Ron for years. That hasn't changed.

I think Boozer will NOT be cheap at all.

Ben Gordon can catch fire like nobody else...but I don't know if he would make us THAT much better...especially for the money it would take.

I guess we're talking sign-and-trades here? Aren't we still way over the cap?

I'd like to stand pat and use the Damp and Stack contracts when some of the financially strapped teams get in real trouble next season...

Creth said...

I don't pretend to understand the cap so I'm asking-
we have six contracts expiring after Denver beats us, doesn't that open up cap space? especially considering one is the huge contract of Jason Kidd

and I still believe this is the summer we make trades 1. because teams are financially strapped now, they've lost 50% of their season ticket sales 2. teams that aren't strapped, which is a very short list (Google it) are trying to collect expiring contracts for 2010

Rosser said...

I don't have our cap number in front of me, but I know we had a top 5 payroll. I almost wanna say #1. Losing Kidd's contract will make us less over obviously, but if we're losing all those, we have to re-sign some of them or replace them just to fill the roster out. Take Brandon Bass. We're not gonna re-sign him for another $800k a year. I think the salary cap relief comes the following season, when 24 teams sign LeBron, Wade, Bosh and Amare.

Creth said...

but this is the postseason for steals, that's what Houston's hoping, if it weren't for the economy Houston would lose Ron-ron to a big contract. this off season should, for maybe just one year, return payrolls and salaries (of free agents) to reasonable levels

no more over paying!

no resigning Devean George!

Paul S said...

We cant sign anybody, we are way over the cap, even without Kidd. We were #2 payroll last year, behind NYK. Sign and trades are the only thing, or we can trade Damp or Terry's expiring deals next year.

Here is the Mavs payroll:

Creth said...

HOW DID WE TAKE ON MATT CARROLL??? it's like we finally get the chance to get rid of Damp and we take on another stupid contract!!!

Rosser said...

Lights out cold blooded 3's homie!

The one goofy thing about Carroll's contract is that it gets smaller per year as opposed to bigger. So, he'll count less vs. the cap the longer he rides the pine. Of course, in the very long run, his expiring contract won't be that attractive.

With that trade, I really wish we could cross out the names on the contracts of Carroll and Hollins and just switch 'em.

And thanks for the cap info, Paul. Norm is going over our cap situation, as well as the cap situations of others. Not pretty...

CP3! Make it happen! I'm this close to rooting for another hurricane to really put the Hornets in peril...

Creth said...

I didn't get to listen to Norm, what'd he say about us/the rest of the league?

Paul S said...

Remember we dumped diop's stupid 5yr contract for carroll's. That was a dumb signing.


Rosser said...

Didn't get to hear a ton of what Norm had to say, but basically we're still over the cap and there are teams like Detroit and OKC that are WAAAY under. So getting any free agents won't be easy.

We need to fleece a financially strapped team with our expiring contracts. Come on hurricane!!!

Creth said...

and I hate that Cuban realizes how stupid it was to resign Diop

Detroit and OKC??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, they might be under the cap but they do not have the money/market to make any moves! if we acknowledge that the majority of season tickets/suites are owned by corporations then doesn't Detroit stand to lose the most?

Rosser said...

Detroit made some extra coin by encouraging Cavs fans to buy tickets at the Palace during Rd 1. Beware!