Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh yes I am, I'm a Dallas Mavericks Fan

A combination of tired of waiting for Devin to turn into a real point guard and Jason Kidd nostalgia made me a big fan of the trade. I hated that we overpaid...especially right after the Pau Gasol robbery. But now I can say that both teams got exactly what they wanted. The Mavs are better right now with J-Kidd. The Nets got an upper second tier PG talent (Devin isn't CP3, Rondo, D-Rose or Williams) and picks (none of the guys around our pick make my hoop pants go crazy). That's a freaking haul for a great player in the twilight of his career.

It's funny that 13 years later, the Jason Kidd trade 2.0 is a wash. Wanna hear about a "I remember where I was when that happened" moment? I was this close to throwing my Dr. Pepper through the non-flat screen at Hooters in Addison when I saw that we traded Jason Kidd to the Suns for Findog (who I liked getting) and Sam Cassell (who either looks like Gollum, a burn victim, or an alien. And oh, isn't Jason Kidd). Now I'm happy we got him back. Overall this post is totally subjective*. My three season long Mavs funk was lifted by knocking the Spurs out in the first round. Maybe that would've happened if we fired Avery and kept Devin. Maybe it wouldn't have. But I'm Mavs hopeful again, so I can put the trade to bed. I didn't get to see game 1 vs. the Nuggs today because I was on a plane but it sounds like we might've reverted back to being scared by big, tattooed, scary black guys. And a white one. Not encouraging. At least this time I think the team will fight. Go Mavericks.

*Going really subjective here, I'm glad the trade happened just because it led me to writing this post, which led me to reading this LOL quote...

I really take pride in my defense," said Finley


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Oh yeah, don't worry about the whole 8 turnovers thing. I was going big picture.

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