Friday, May 1, 2009

Mavs Linkage

Everyone seems to be on Swine Flu Holiday today, so I'll carry the Mammals torch with some Mavs links worth sharing.

First is this article where Jason Terry clarifies his comments about J-Kidd's departure from the team. Like I said, he's about the last person I'd look to for front office news. The article pretty much states the same.

Interesting points here from Sefko about the Mavs having the deeper bench than the Nuggets. I'm not sure I exactly agree with him. I've always thought the 2009 Nuggets were pretty deep. Sure, the Mavs probably are the deeper team, but is it going to be enough to make a difference? J.R. Smith is like a streakier Jason Terry and Birdman is like their more-reliable Ryan Hollins, providing dunks, putbacks, and blocks with pizazz. (Speaking of, I'd love to see a Hollins-Birdman one-on-one matchup.) Kleiza should see more minutes too. They've definitely got more muscle and size than most NBA teams, and for this reason most people are saying JJ Barea won't be too much of an asset in this series, which thins out the bench if Hollins or Singleton don't step up. I realize that if bigs clog the lane, that's going to prevent JJ from doing what he does best. But he's the quickest person on either team; can't we use this to our advantage?

Lastly, this is a pretty great blog entry on fannation about why Mark Cuban is the best owner in sports. I get annoyed with people who say he's crass and annoying and interferes with the game. That's because he's not YOUR sports team's owner. I guarantee if he bought your favorite sports team, you'd come around pretty quickly. Always available, great working mind, always trying to improve the product, treats his fans well (ticket price drops AFTER the Finals run?!), and treats his employees even better. Just don't hold him accountable for Dancing with the Stars or the Benefactor. (My favorite part about the wikipedia entry for the Benefactor? It discusses the first two episodes in great detail and then just stops there. Probably because nobody watched the remaining 4.)

Enjoy the game on Sunday and see you at Victory Plaza for the watching party!

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