Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Game 2 followed Game 1, down the toilet

when you look at your team's box score you want to see "DNP"

you want the game to have been competitive, and obviously you want more than two players to care that it's the playoffs. the JET finally arrived and Dirk was his usual awesome playoff self (I don't care what the TNT guys say, Dirk's not the problem so it doesn't matter what he says about the guys Denver's tryin' to guard him with)

Josh is done.

our playoff hopes do not depend on Josh. they can't. he's the most undependable guy on our team. did we really believe we'd go as far as Josh would take us??

Paul- tell J.J. to play like a Mexican, not a Uruguan.

Ricky Car- play Hollins more, that guy is a FREAK. he brings something to this team that we badly need and Damp just can't provide

'toine- Gig 'em

Jason Kidd- earn that ridiculous contract you're going to sign this summer

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