Friday, May 1, 2009

am I bitterly defending a trade that I really don't care one way or the other about?

probably. but ever since the Harris-Kidd trade all we've heard here in Big D is how Kidd's past his prime and the NBA belongs to the young point guards however I can't seem to find one example of a clutch young PG, especially a clutch playoff young PG. top PGs no longer in this post season?

Deron Williams

Chris Duhon

Devin Harris

Tony Parker

Raymond Felton

Andre Miller

(these are ten of the top fifteen PGs in the league that aren't competing for a championship, also out of those ten only one has won any championships. so would Utah or New Orleans rather have a championship or their All-Star point guards?)
here's your reward for reading so many "PGs"

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Rosser said...

Yeah...but I wouldn't mind seeing CP3, D-Rose or Deron Williams don a Mavs jersey.

Or the still-in-the-playoffs Rajon Rondo. I think he's my favorite non-Mav. Other than Bron Bron, of course...