Monday, April 27, 2009

The Reverse Reach-Around

Apparently there's a rule in the NBA rulebook that states that if you let Tim Duncan grab your right buttcheek, you will get called for a foul.

At least, that's my take after Dirk immediately got called for foul 1 in game 4 after the situation pictured above.

Keep in mind that Dirk (understandably) argued the call and got T'd up immediately after, though I'm thinking this was all a ruse so Dirk could call attention to the whistle-happy ref while he picked the wedgie out of his crack.

In summary: this was kind of gross. Watch the hands, Tim.


Rosser said...

Remember when Jet popped Findog in the nuts? Mavs-Spurs...where gettin' handsy happens.

Creth said...

that was one of the most awkward moments in Mavs history and we all loved it. we were actually cheering for a man that sucker punched our ex-hero's junk.