Friday, November 14, 2008


maybe this was the first time that I've really paid attention to an NFL Network Thursday night football game this year, maybe this was the first time I was able to exhale after the debacle that was Bryant Gumbel, but this was FOOTBALL ON TELEVISION AT ITS GREATEST.

I have no idea who Bob Papa is and I'm willing to be he's S1M0NE's older brother because he was too perfect to be real. the guy said nothing memorable. that means he didn't bother me.

as for people that usually bother me- Cris Collinsworth, did not suck. and no sideline reporter?? GENIUS

best of all was that The Network didn't make a circus out of the game that has so often been turned into (by the likes of FOX & ESPN) a three ringer. first missing ring? ridiculous on screen images. yes YOU, robot. second missing ring?music, especially dramatic music. third missing ring- exaggerated crowd noise.

thank you NFL Network for televising just football.

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