Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is it too soon for the Browns to get Hot?

I guess we've all heard by now that the Browns will be benching Derek Anderson and starting Pretty Brady for the first time in his career. Either they are making this move solely to improve the aesthetics of the team, or else it's ladies night and the home team is trying to assure a sellout.

I am not very confident that this move will work as well as they are hoping. Something just doesn't seem right about giving someone their first career start on 3 days notice, AND on national TV. If you've watched 5 minutes of a Browns game this season, you could tell that Anderson was not the problem. Braylon has had more balls slip through his hands than Lance Bass.

This is either going to work out one of two ways...... If Braylon is like 98% of Earth, then he has a man-crush on Pretty Brady. So he'll either try extra hard to impress Brady and catch everything that comes close to him in an effort to make Pretty Brady look even better. Or, He'll be so distracted by Pretty Brady's chiseled grin/wink that he'll just melt.


Creth said...

I've sayin' "melt" but what do I know?

The Morg said...

I just can't understand why a picture like that would ever be taken....is it an ad for the new Water-Football league?

Chris said...

Let me answer your question with a question....Is it really possible to capture the complexity of beauty in a photo? And how do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?

Paul S said...

This has to be the Wallpaper on your PC...please be true