Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm sorry, the window has closed and is locked shut

Lemme tell you how this game is gonna go... going into the 4th Q it will be a close game, but then the Mavs can't get stops and can't score in crunch time.

I was dead wrong about the Kidd trade, this team is terrible. I was sick watching the game yesterday. I don't know what Carlisle is doing, the offense is a joke.

Between the Mavs, Cowboys, Longhorns, the Election........ I'm sick.

So, I'm openly gonna bet against the Mavs until they prove me wrong.

Spurs(SanAntonio) -4.5
11 to win 10
parlayed with Obama (-800)

Season: 4-1 (80%, +26.02)

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Creth said...

at least one Maverick won yesterday, the other's stuck in Arizona....