Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I thought they were gonna be the Cesar Chavez Mavs?!?

Here are a couple of Dallas Maverick related quick hits from Uni Watch...

• Next March the league will once again crank up its Noche Latina promotion, which mainly entails putting "Los" on the jerseys of teams in strong Hispanic markets (yes, it seems like a lazy approach, but the league insists that Hispanic fans really do refer to the Bulls as "Los Bulls," not as "Los Toros"). You've already seen them do this for the Spurs, Lakers, Bulls and Heat, and this time around those teams will be joined by the Rockets, Mavericks, Suns and Knicks (don't panic, Uni Watch has been promised that the space between the two words will be larger than what you see in that photo). All jerseys will carry this patch.

Los Mavs? Bleh. Is that some kind of reparations for moving the Burn to Frisco? And Los Bulls over Los Toros? Could this whole thing be any dumber? The only way they could totally redeem themselves is if Kevin Durant caught up to me on a moped wearing a "La Thunder" jersey.

• It's rare that you see a game with no home uniform, but that's what will happen when the Mavs face the Blazers on Christmas Day in Portland. Since the teams' alternate road jerseys are green and red, that's what they'll wear, in honor of the holiday.

All Blazer Nation will want for Christmas is a new Greg Oden...

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Creth said...

hahahahahahahaha, I love it! the blogging, not the news that was reported. it makes me los angry.