Wednesday, October 29, 2008

after 20+ years the best in the NBA are finally returning to Dallas

well, Arlington to be exact. seriously- is Jerry the most brilliant sports business man of all time? we've got a Super Bowl, the Cotton Bowl, and now the NBA All-Star game all headed to the metroplex in the coming years. I think we're all hoping that the Cotton Bowl move will bring that game and bowl back to its rightful place among the top five in the country. maybe a BCS National Championship Game could make its way to North Texas? maybe I'm dreaming... either way, after years of Mavericks owner Mark Cuban just saying "no" to an NBA All-Star game (because the home team's season ticket holders get kicked out of their seats) it seems that the perfect solution has been reached and Dallas will get to see the NBA's best just as the Mavericks are going down the tube

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