Thursday, October 16, 2008

fantasy. polls.

I'm not going where you think I'm going so don't go there.

Paul is a gambling genius and I need his help, but I'm also going to ask for your help too. Paul can post his reply, you can respond by voting in a poll (yes, I am trying to hint-hint that an election is coming and you should vote. because it is patriotic. like not paying taxes BOSTON TEA PARTY)

anyway, I've got two bum starters in Miles Austin (down graded, by the recent aquesition of Roy E. Williams, to 4th string WR) and Felix Jones (moons over my-hammy)

the problem is that I have no one to come off the bench to replace these two, so what should I do? see if there are any takers and trade them? bench them and pick up some loser off of the waiver wire or....
you tell me

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