Friday, October 17, 2008

College Picks / Thoughts

When I was checking the Mavs prop, I saw I had 22.55 left in one of my accounts. I’m gonna try to do this and see how I do, full disclosure on the blog for accountability (and for the IRS). If I win, maybe I’ll be back for NFL.

Louisiana State @ South Carolina
The Pick: LSU -2.5 (-105)
They were embarrassed last week, they have tons more talent than S.Carolina, they will bounce back.
11.28 to win 10.74

Kansas @ Oklahoma
The Pick: Oklahoma -19.5 (-105)
OU takes out their frustrations this week, Kansas is not a great team
11.27 to win 10.73

Season: 0-0

I like how this blog has already driven me to gamble….. (scared)

Big12 Weekend Thoughts:
Mizzou @ TX -4
I'm too scared to take TX, UT has a huge target on their back being #1, I'm just hoping they can win. Hook 'em!!

Texas Tech @ A&M +21
I was thinking about this game, my first thought being a Tech blowout, but the more I think about it, it may be a trap, I expect A&M will have little pride and will be tired of getting beat in this series. Plus, I think A&M may be improving.

I'm not sure Tech and Okla. St. will handle being undefeated and in the top 10 very well, I think both of them will have a letdown, I don't think either of them will lose though.

Finally, congrats to TCU, they hammered BYU yesterday, great performance.

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Creth said...

so what happened?? were your picks correct?