Friday, June 29, 2012

The Most Diabolical "Is She Sports Hot or Hot Hot?" of All Time

Watch out for this next post, it's a dooooooooozie.  I present to mammal nation, Lolo Jones.  Hot name.  Great face.  But how do you feel about your woman having Dwight Howard shoulders lite?  She'll be running in London next month so I thought the least we could do is decide, Sports Hot or Hot Hot?  If you vote for one thing in 2012, do so in the comments below! 

The good

sometimes you gotta ride the bull
leno's still on?
america, f yeah!

The Bad

hey editor, step into my office...

The Ugly

w t fawk!

K, Back to the Good

she's like a fast a shit rashida jones


Rosser said...

hot hot.

just please cut up that red thing, it's gonna choke fish and birds...

jason said...

hot hot.