Wednesday, January 27, 2010

24 Second Shot Clock

Monday Night Football is over for another season. Snap! At least there's 24. Day 8 has made me say 24 Character, you look just like...

President Omar Hassan & Jonathan Silverman

Farhad Hassan & Jason Schwartzman

Cole Ortiz & Summer Catch's Ryan Dunne (SPORTS!)
Kim Bauer & Sean Avery's Ex-GF (yet more SPORTS!)

Go Mavs!


Creth said...

I thought everyone agreed "24" sucked as much as "LOST"

Creth said...

a few other things, is that the Who Wants To Be A... from Slumdog Millionaire?

and is that really Freddy Prince Jr.?

Rosser said...

1. You're dumb.

2. I've never seen Slumdog, but it's my understanding that yes, it is.

3. Si.

Creth said...

do you watch Chuck? because the girly lookin' Paki reminds me of the... girly lookin' Paki from Chuck

I commend you on not having seen Slumdog. it was a terrible movie that made me regret ever calling customer service.