Wednesday, December 30, 2009

plank you very much

couldn't resist. Mike Leach might have a law degree and know a thing or two about throwin' the football but the guy is a pirate lovin' idiot! seriously. at least Vince Gill has Amy Grant, what does Mike Leach have? and for those that think this has anything to do with Craig Jame$' boy, you're wrong. that was the straw but the camels back has been breaking for many years. Tech has been itching to get rid of Leach (not exactly sure why, their football program is about to go back to the stone age)


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Rosser said...

1. best walking the plank picture ever

2. Aggie football: every notable player not named Von Miller is returning, including a stud QB in Jerrod, plus no more Leach?!? Whoop!